A Dramatic Example of Deciding to Act

Prisoner 5239 was captured by the Nazis at just 19 years of age. Withered after five years of death camp incarceration, while on a forced death march in 1945, suddenly, without warning, the moment of decision came. It was a five second junction, a crossroads between life and death. As they rounded a bend, he glanced back, and realized the rear guard was out of sight – and, hurriedly looking ahead, it was the same. For ten paces or so, they could not be seen. He had a choice, and he decided. Turning to a friend, he hissed: “Quick! Run! Now.”

Hearing his story, I wanted to make a response to honor his decisiveness. And so, I have decided…that I will be decisive. On that fateful day in arctic Poland, there was no time for dithering. Everything hung in the balance. And so, I want to be one who chooses well.

Every day is filled with choices, and some of them are pivotal. Decisions don’t call ahead, or come with a health warning. While many are inconsequential, some are monumental thinly disguised doorways to joy or tears.

And so I will be decisive….

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