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Statue of Billy Graham Unveiled in Statuary Hall of US Capitol

Salvation in Christ Jesus was offered in National Statuary Hall May 16, 2024 at the unveiling of a 7-foot tall bronze statue of the iconic late global evangelist Billy Graham (who died at age 99 in 2018) which has John 3:16 and John 14:6 carved in its base.

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US House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson, other congressional members, dignitaries, and the Graham family and friends officiated at the hour-long ceremony, which was carried live on C-SPAN.

In his prayer of invocation, US Senate Chaplain Dr. Barry Black described Mr. Graham’s life as “the light of morning at sunrise on a cloudless day, and like the brightness after rain that brings the grass from the earth. Lord, we celebrate his laudable example of blameless living, of obedience to your commands, and of telling your good news of salvation around the world. Inspired by his great and sacrificial life, may we emulate his commitment by refusing to deviate from integrity, living above reproach, and striving to transform dark yesterdays into bright tomorrows.” [Editor’s Note: These expressed characteristics are the same advocated by living the SemperVerus life.]

Active Self Protection Self-Defense Checklists and Acronyms

John Correia is the founder of Active Self Protection, teaching people to develop the attitude, skills, and plan (ASP) to defend themselves and their families from harm.

John is a nationally-recognized subject matter expert in private citizen defensive encounters and law enforcement use of force, a master firearms instructor, martial artist, court-admitted expert witness, teacher of teachers, and former pastor. He reviews thousands of violent incident videos as true-life self-defense teaching lessons on his Main and his Extra YouTube channels.

The following is a collection of some of the acronyms and checklists John has created to assist in remembering self-defense techniques and mindset.

•   Vehicles are transitional spaces where threatening incidents can easily happen. Follow this LET’SS GO checklist IN NUMERICAL ORDER to quickly remove yourself from vulnerability:


  1. L ock your doors as soon as you get into your car.
  2. E ngine on.
  3. T ransmission in gear.
  4. S seatbelt buckled.
  5. S can your surroundings.
  6. G et organized.
  7. O n your way.

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Spiritual Fitness: Top 12 Acts for a Christian

The Bible extensively mentions the word heart more than 500 times in the New International Version English translation. It means the seat and center of all life; your inner person; the profound essence of your personality; the seat of your thoughts, passions, desires, affections, appetites, purposes, endeavors. It’s what drives you. Learn all the ways the Bible refers to the heart in the Encyclopedia of the Bible.

Scripture emphasizes the phrase “with all your heart,” which conveys the message of unconditional, unlimited, resolute, total, complete, steadfast, ardent, zealous, all-in, no-turning-back involvement and commitment.

The following brief list is meant to help you, as a follower of Jesus Christ, focus your daily attention on the most important behaviors that make up the SemperVerus life.

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With all my heart, I will…