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New Edition of Hostility Against Churches Report Shows a Doubling of Attacks

The newest edition of Family Research Council’s (FRC) Hostility Against Churches report suggests hostility against US churches has rapidly accelerated.

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FRC identifies 436 hostility incidents in 2023—more than double the number identified in 2022 and more than 8 times the number identified in 2018, the first year for which FRC collected data.

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Notable findings in the 183-page report include:

Church Security: Church Crisis Response Checklist

Does your congregation know what to do in the first few hours and days after a tragedy?

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Research studied by the ministry Spiritual First Aid shows that most churches, organizations, and communities are not well prepared for mass traumas.

That’s why it has now published the complimentary evidence-based crisis response tool, Trauma-Informed Church Crisis Response: A Field Guide for the First 72 Hours. It’s an outline of the critical stages following a crisis, providing a comprehensive list of practical actions your congregation can take to support those impacted by a major event, such as a mass killing or natural disaster.

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Here are a few excerpts:

Principles of Defensive Driving from the Michigan State Police

The Michigan State Police Precision Driving Unit provides regularly scheduled precision driving programs to law enforcement personnel from throughout the United States and Canada. These include courses in basic driving, instructor development, pursuit schools, and recruit driver training. Defensive driving lectures are offered for criminal justice agencies as well as private sector organizations. The Michigan State Police Precision Driving Unit is also internationally recognized for the testing of pursuit-rated patrol cars through the Police Vehicle Evaluation and Purchasing Program.

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One of its curricula is Civilian Defensive Driving, a free PDF that teaches principles of safe driving.

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Among its lessons are the following:

“Most Terrorists Are Terrifyingly Normal,” Says Former Intelligence Officer

In a wide-ranging interview on The James Altucher Show, former military intelligence officer and court expert on terrorism, Tom Quiggin, talked about the psychological aspects of a terrorist and other topics that have bearing, not only on national security, but which can also be adapted to help inform personal self-defense and church security.

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The big take-away of this conversation is Quiggin’s warning that terrorists (and anyone with nefarious intentions) can easily be lost in a crowd, appearing to the average person to be normal and innocent. As a self-defense reminder, it’s an ominous admonition to remain ever vigilant and situationally aware to sharpen your skill of discernment so you’re prepared to handle potential threats.

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Here are some highpoints of the interview: