Interview with Craig Gray: Developing a Protector’s Lifestyle

SemperVerus interviewed Craig Gray, founder and trainer of, a membership website that teaches simple and effective methods of personal protection and church security, and ways to handle conflict and live confidently. It provides solutions for dealing with conflict and violence, ranging from verbal arguments to physical assaults.

With your extensive background in protective services, martial arts, law enforcement training, and defensive tactics instruction, why did you create
I created our PeaceWalker private online community and training resource to help people who want to learn how to deal with conflict and violence more effectively. Anyone from anywhere in the world can connect with me and this community to learn this simple, effective method of personal defense, leadership, and lifestyle. This resource can be used on its own or in correlation with live in-person training.

Why did you select PeaceWalker as the name for a self-defense training entity?
I derived the name PeaceWalker after hearing this quote from Krav Maga’s founder, Immi Lichtenfeld. He said, “We train so that we may walk in peace.” From that I coined PeaceWalker.

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Please explain the 4 Core Principles of the PeaceWalker approach.
To be more effective at dealing with conflict you must have the proper Mindset, Awareness, Influence, and Action. Each of these core principles has three components. This is just a framework; basic principles.

        Ethic: Life has value
        Identity: We are all protectors
        Attitude: Stay calm and use conflict as an opportunity


        Your presence
        Non-Verbal Communication
        Verbal Communication

        Avoid the situation
        Escape the situation
        Engage the situation

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What is the “Integrated Assault Response System” you teach in PeaceWalker?
Integrated Assault Response System is an approach that unifies the four core principles in a simple framework for people to quickly learn how to use in action to deal with conflict and violence more effectively.

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What are some conflict communication strategies you teach?
The basis of all our conflict communication strategies are based on human nature and social psychology. And a lot of personal experience of dealing with people. It’s not as much controlling others as it is controlling yourself. You must learn to listen to people, determine a clear objective that is most good and least harm for everyone, communicate clearly and persuasively, and have a plan if they don’t comply.

Tactical communication is not like a general conversation. It has a structure to it. Here are the 8 basic principles:
      1.  Treat people with dignity and respect
      2.  Be clear about your objective, boundaries, and communication
      3.  Listen
      4.  Ask; don’t tell people what to do
      5.  Give people reasons why you are asking someone to do something
      6.  Give people choices
      7.  Give people chances (second chance and last chance) when appropriate
      8.  Have a plan ‘B’ if they don’t comply or if things get dangerous.

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What is included in your church security training module?
All the core PeaceWalker Foundational training: Mindset / Awareness / Influence / Action Skills plus
        Communication strategies
        Proxemics: Positioning, stance & movement skills
        Escort positions solo and team
        Assault prevention and response tactics
        Weapon retention principles

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Why should a church create a security team?
To create a healthier, safer, more respectful environment for people to gather and worship.

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What is PeaceWalker Connect?
PeaceWalker Connect is our free private online community and resource hub.

What are the benefits a person gets in receiving your “[Almost] Daily” email newsletter?
The [Almost] Daily emails are stories of living this Protector Lifestyle. It’s ongoing training and top of mind awareness to calibrate our days, give us more skills, and remind us to be the change we want to see in the world. Folks get it free when they register for the free home study mini course at

How does a person join PeaceWalker?
A good first step is to go to and get my free home study mini course, One Simple Defense.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?
I’d like to finish by sharing Dr. Robert Humphrey’s Warrior Creed:
     Wherever you walk, everyone’s a little bit safer because you’re there.
     Wherever you are, anyone in need has a friend.
     Whenever you return home, everyone is glad you are there.
     It’s a better life!

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BIO: Craig Gray, creator of the Complete PeaceWalker System, is a speaker and trainer. His field experience spans protective services, martial arts, and teaching in both private and government sectors. He created the MCOLES (Michigan Commission of Law Enforcement Standards) Self Defense for Law Enforcement Training Program and was an adjunct instructor for defensive tactics and protector ethics at the Homeland Security and Protective Services Academy within the Gerald R. Ford Job Corps. Craig is a black belt instructor in Krav Maga (Israeli Defense Force’s Defensive Tactics) and an Associate at Resolution Group International, a conflict management company serving the needs of the US military, law enforcement agencies, and private organizations.

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