A Prayer for Church Security Team Members

Being a volunteer member of your church security team is a demanding responsibility. You invest considerable time, effort, and expense training and learning as much as you can to be able to properly respond to any emergency that may occur during a gathering of your church.

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One excellent training opportunity is Sheepdog Church Security, which offers a certification program that covers Security Team Fundamentals, Active Shooter Response, Deescalating Disruptive Persons, Protecting Children from Abuse, Use of Force Laws, Arson and Fire Safety, Storms and Disasters, and Mass Trauma Emergency.

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Since attention to church safety and security encompasses so many physical—as well as spiritual—dangers and threats, here’s a prayer by SemperVerus® you may want to say every time you start your security team volunteer shift:

Church Security Team Member Prayer

My Father in Heaven, your will be done.
Deliver your church—globally and here—from evil. Let no nefarious plan unfold at today’s gathering.
Help me to attentively safeguard lives and be your instrument for peace, orderliness, safety, and security.
Give me vigor to cogently observe and clearly interpret my surroundings.
Keep me proactively alert and aware.
Supply me with
       the insight to swiftly discern good from villainous intentions,
       the mindfulness to communicate with precision and clarity,
       the wisdom to say the correct words to de-escalate conflicts,
       and the confidence to act quickly and correctly.
Make me courageously fast and accurate to respond appropriately in any emergency or threat.

In Jesus’ name,

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Learn about the Sheepdog Church Security certification program for your church safety team

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