Chart: The Spectrum of Potential Threat Personas in Self-Defense and Church Security

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Among the ways of being prepared for unexpected self-defense or church security situations is to intentionally engage your mind to think about possible dangerous scenarios you could encounter and the ways in which you’d respond to them.

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To help you conduct these mental exercises in a “gaming” fashion, SemperVerus has created the chart below listing at least 36 character personas that could be motivating factors in threatening crises. They represent the spectrum from seemingly minor incidents to major violent acts perpetrated by either males or females: from a “lone wolf” (a single bad actor) to a “wolf pack” (a gang with malevolent intentions); from rational to irrational behavior; from opportunistic to premeditated; from vandalism to synchronized active killers.

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Regularly think through each persona and plan for your own actions in meeting them head-on. For example, what would be your first move if a lone and crazed person accosted you on the street? What would you do if, during your volunteer shift on church security, a coordinated attack of active killers (high on the synthetic stimulant Captagon like these terrorists) simultaneously entered your church through two wings of the building? Plan now to be prepared!

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Self-Defense / Church Security
Self-Defense / Church Security
Lone wolf (1) Wolf pack (2+)
Opportunistic Sinner(s) Hateful Strategic Evildoer(s)
Rational Irrational — Insane
Normal Psyche Psychotic — Sociopath
Sober Drunk / Crazed — High on Drugs
Spontaneous Robber(s) Premeditated Mugger(s)
Catalytic Converter Thief(ves) Vicious Carjacker(s)
Civilian Criminal(s) Enemy Combatant(s)
Impulsive Barbaric Cruelty Calculated Inhuman Savagery
Heartless Aimless Anarchist(s) Murderous Merciless Trained Terrorist Soldier(s)
Church Security
Church Security
Vandal(s) Arsonist(s)
Domestic Arguers Agitated Person(s) with Restraining Order
Stalker(s) Pedophile(s)
Vocal Disruptor(s) Violent Protester(s)
Religious Zealot(s) Anti-Religious Militant(s)
Suicidal Seeker of Media Infamy
Single Active Killer Synchronized Active Killers

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