“Most Terrorists Are Terrifyingly Normal,” Says Former Intelligence Officer

In a wide-ranging interview on The James Altucher Show, former military intelligence officer and court expert on terrorism, Tom Quiggin, talked about the psychological aspects of a terrorist and other topics that have bearing, not only on national security, but which can also be adapted to help inform personal self-defense and church security.

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The big take-away of this conversation is Quiggin’s warning that terrorists (and anyone with nefarious intentions) can easily be lost in a crowd, appearing to the average person to be normal and innocent. As a self-defense reminder, it’s an ominous admonition to remain ever vigilant and situationally aware to sharpen your skill of discernment so you’re prepared to handle potential threats.

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Here are some highpoints of the interview:

•   In the intelligence world of shared information, the “Two Eyes Community” is comprised of Canada & USA (the world’s closest intelligence sharing relationship). The “Three Eyes Community” is Canada, USA, and UK. And the “Five Eyes Community consists of Canada, USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

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•   Quiggin says American intelligence is superior. America does technical intelligence better than anyone.

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•   Most people assume terrorists suffer from a certain degree of mental defect; “Oh, they’re fanatics.” The reality is that the most terrifying thing about terrorists is the degree to which they’re normal. Most terrorists are terrifyingly normal; how they can walk down the street and nobody sees them because they’re normal, except, of course, they have a certain belief system than is slightly off track.

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•   The purpose of terrorism is to terrify; it is to instill fear in a targeted population.

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•   Terrorism itself is a tactic…used to serve a strategy that…has been developed by an ideology…that has its own goals. The guy with the bomb or the gun is the frontline soldier. We’re getting much more effective at hunting the guy with the bomb or the gun, but we’re not going after the ideologs,…the money guys,…the organizers, and not only are we not doing it, we’re not even allowed to talk about it [because it’s politically incorrect].

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•   The whole business of virtue signaling…at the end of the day is a product of post-modernism…designed to silence any opposition.

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•   A small group of people, 2 to 3 percent—if they have a coherent message, they’re well funded, and they’re focused—they can literally change the absolute course of your society.

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