Components of a Strong Mindset for the Legally Armed Citizen

Components of a Strong Mindset for the Armed Citizen by ConcealedCarry.comThe website is a rich resource of information that helps guide legally armed people in the responsible practice of carrying concealed a defensive firearm.

One example is the article, Developing and Understanding A Strong Defensive Mindset, by Jacob Paulsen, president of, and its accompanying “mindset” chart.

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Mindset is defined as the established set of attitudes each of us hold; the general frame of reference through which we observe life, interpret it, and make trivial and serious decisions in response to what we encounter every day.

Click the chart to enlarge it, scan the key points of it below, read the entire article at, and be sure to read the SemperVerus articles below.

The Six Components of A Concealed Carry Mindset:

  1. An Armed Citizen is Defensive Only
  2. An Armed Citizen Avoids Potential Conflict
  3. An Armed Citizen Is Aware Of Their Surroundings
  4. An Armed Citizen Is Determined To Win
  5. An Armed Citizen is Disciplined In Their Approach to Improvement
  6. An Armed Citizen is Diligent In Daily Preparedness

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