How Does Your Character Measure Up?

One of the 5 identifying traits of the SemperVerus Brotherhood is a commitment to “BE,” which means continually developing a rich personal leadership character of exemplary moral and ethical quality.

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An article on The Art of Manliness website captures the idea. It’s an excerpt from The ROTC Infantry Manual, published in 1942. Here are a few of the listed and defined qualities:

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  • Self-Control
  • Honor, Uprightness, and Truthfulness
  • Justice, Fairness, Impartiality
  • Willingness to Accept Responsibility
  • Initiative and Vision
  • Decisiveness, Resoluteness, and Perseverance
  • Earnestness
  • Courage, Moral and Physical
  • Alertness, Quick Thinking, Presence of Mind

How are you measuring up?

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