Quality Self-Defense Training Builds Character

IDPA target to illustrate the importance of firearms trainingAn article in Psychology Today suggests that training seriously and responsibly for armed self-defense contributes to developing a sense of human empathy and strengthens human character.

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The article’s author, David Yamane, professor of sociology at Wake Forest University, writes that those who are dedicated to improving their self-defense knowledge and skills “see that it is indeed appropriate at times to use our human capacity for violence pro-socially, in defense of self, loved ones, children, the weak and infirm, and other innocents. Gun Culture 2.0, to borrow an idea from sociologist Harel Shapira, sees defensive violence as ‘civilized’ rather than barbaric.”

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The best defensive firearms courses teach that the first steps in self-defense are to avoid and evade. “But if that fails, be capable and willing to defend, not because you want to, but because you have to in order to align your behaviors with your moral purpose of defending innocent human life….When employed lawfully and judiciously, violence, including lethal violence, is virtuous—not harming a person’s character but rather expressing it.”

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