FYSA: For Your Situational Awareness

The 5 life-changing success-generating components that SemperVerus stands for includes the element of being Aware: heightening your personal attentiveness to be alert to—and anticipate—dangerous potentialities and temptations, as well as edifying opportunities to take advantage of.

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When writing a message—whether texting, emailing, etc.—that’s intended to inform recipients of pertinent facts or news important to their particular surroundings or plans, you may want to use the following helpful abbreviations at the start of your content to prominently set the expectation:

FYI:   For Your Information — Content of a general or interesting nature.

FYSA:   For Your Situational Awareness — The recipient is informed that this information may be important context for other communications but contains no action required.

ASAP:   As Soon As Possible

EOD:   End of Day

FYG:   For Your Guidance — Information to help recipients navigate a situation.

FYR:   For Your Reference — Follow-up information about something the recipients already know.

NB:   Note Well (abbreviation of Latin nota bene) — Used before a piece of important information to make sure readers notice it.

NYR:   Need Your Response — Requires a response.

NYRQ:   Need Your Response Quick — Requires an immediate response.

NYRT:   Need Your Response Today — Requires a response this working day.

QUE:   Question — The sender wants an answer to a question.

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