Questions to Ask Yourself

Thinking that you have an answer for everything may be evidence that you’re part of the problem.

Asking intelligent, probing questions is among the foundation characteristics of effective leadership. By observing current conditions and asking “what if…” and “why not…,” your thinking is expanded, your horizons are opened, and you generate better solutions to solve intricate challenges. That’s true both professionally as well as personally (self-assessment). Asking questions moves you out of the judgmental, status-quo realm into the learning, improvement realm.

The following is a partial list from of suggested questions to ask yourself to assist you in creating a working inventory of mind, body, and equipment for living in dangerous or uncertain times. SemperVerus has added questions for soul development.


  • What am I doing to intentionally strengthen my soul?
  • Am I obeying the greatest commandment (love God) and the second greatest commandment (love people)?
  • Do I believe Jesus—whom historians have proven to actually have lived—was a liar, lunatic, or Lord? (see the SemperVerus Good News page)
  • What am I doing to regularly read and understand the Bible?
  • How often do I pray?
  • Are my prayers big enough? Are they others-focused?
  • How often do I meditate?
  • Am I quick to confess and repent of my sins?
  • What am I doing to feed my faith?
  • Am I being sensitive to daily count my blessings and show gratitude?
  • Do I live for a higher purpose than merely myself?
  • Am I being generous enough?
  • Am I quick to forgive?
  • Is my leadership vision spiritually oriented?
  • What books are on my reading list to spiritually grow?


  • Whom do I love?
  • What do I love?
  • What do I have to live for?
  • What am I willing to die for?
  • What are my mental assets?
  • What are my mental liabilities?
  • What is my single biggest knowledge gap?
  • What are my natural rights?
  • What are the top three habits that make up my character?
  • Whom can I really trust?
  • What skills do I have to earn a living?
  • What special tools do these skills require?
  • Do I know how to barter…effectively?
  • Do I know how to use a compass and map?
  • What is the highest point in my county?
  • Do I know how to make a fire…without making much smoke?
  • Do I know how to hunt, fish, butcher, and prepare meat?
  • Do I know how to gather, grow, store, and prepare food?
  • Do I know how to change a tire, swap a battery, and jump-start a vehicle?
  • Do I know how to control a boat?
  • Do I know how to use a two-way radio that is not a cell phone?
  • When and where am I safe to be in condition white? (see the SemperVerus article, A Simple Chart for Situational Awareness)
  • Do I know how to legally defend myself? (see the SemperVerus article, The 5 Elements of Self-Defense Law)
  • Do I know CPR?
  • Do I know how to make and apply a pressure bandage?
  • Do I know how to treat a sucking chest wound?
  • Do I know how to apply a tourniquet?
  • Do family, friends, and I know our neighborhood, out-of-town, and out-of-state rally points?
  • What is the first and last name of my 20 closest neighbors (geographically)?
  • What is the name and cell phone number of my county sheriff?
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  • How well, relative to others, am I able to see and hear, with or without aid?
  • Am I able to run for my life for more than a minute?
  • Do I have the strength to manage my own body weight? For example, can I pull myself up over a six-foot wall?
  • Am I able to control my appetites or do my appetites control me?
  • Am I substance dependent?
  • Am I able to swim 500+ meters?
  • Am I able to fight off everyday infection and illness and to self-heal minor wounds?
  • Am I physically able to defend myself?
  • …more at


  • Do I have multiple pairs of Rx glasses and hearing aids if needed?
  • Do I have a bright light and spare batteries or fuel?
  • Do I have a comfortable and protective pair of shoes that I can put on and walk to the next town without blisters?
  • Do I have warm and durable outdoor clothing in muted colors?
  • Is my vehicle in efficient operating condition with a spare tire, tools, water, siphon, fuel container, and flares?
  • Do I have at the ready a Get Back Home Pack (aka Evacuation Pack, aka Bug Out Bag, aka 3 Day Pack, aka Survival Pack)?
  • Do I have a reliable and portable method to obtain clean drinking water?
  • Do I have an accurate compass and appropriate maps?
  • Do I have some sort of telescopic magnification?
  • Do I have a first aid kit?
  • Do I have a two-way radio that is not a cell phone?
  • Do I have a knife that is high quality and a small sharpening stone?
  • Do I have at least a month’s cache of food?
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