15 Truths About Defensive Gun Use

While Gun Murders Are Unlawful, Gun Homicides Are Not Necessarily Unlawful.
Don’t be fooled into misreading homicide statistics reported in the media. Not all homicides are social ills. Some homicides are justified lawful killings in self-defense or defense of others. For example, the intended rape victim who manages to kill her rapist in the act has committed a homicide. Would we prefer that she had been raped? The potential homicide victim who kills their attacker, rather than get killed themselves, has committed a homicide: lawful self-defense. Would we prefer that the victim of the attack have been killed?

According to attorney Andrew Branca, author of The Law of Self Defense, “a homicide (the killing of one person by another) can be

  • unlawful and intentional—what is traditionally referred to as murder—or
  • unlawful and unintentional—what is traditionally referred to as manslaughter or criminally reckless homicide—or
  • lawful and intentional—usually self-defense or defense of others—or
  • lawful and unintentional—accident or misadventure.”

Don’t be deceived when people talk in generalities that the number of gun deaths or homicides have increased and therefore more laws are needed to infringe on the civil right to keep and bear arms. Maybe the homicides being reported are of criminal aggressors attempting to murder and maim and rape innocent people, and they were killed by their victims or by people stepping up to defend those victims.

A murder is a homicide that’s unlawful; a self-defense killing is a homicide that’s lawful.

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Here are 14 more points everyone should understand about guns. Read about them in depth at TheFederalist.com:

1) Don’t Lecture Anyone On Gun Safety Until You Understand The Basic Rules

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2) Guns Are Inanimate Objects
3) Modern Guns Do Not Accidentally “Go Off”
4) “Semi-Automatic” And “Automatic” Are Not Synonyms
5) “Clip” And “Magazine” Are Not Synonyms
6) Gun Safeties Can And Will Fail
7) So-Called “Smart Gun” Technology Is Not Reliable
8) Handing Someone A Badge Doesn’t Make Him A Good Shooter
9) The “AR” In “AR-15” Doesn’t Stand For “Assault Rifle”
10) Misnamed “High Capacity” Magazine Bans Are Completely Counterproductive
11) “Shoot To Wound” Is Absurd And Dangerous
12) Hollow Point Bullets Are Actually Safer Than Standard Full Metal Jacket Ammunition
13) Most Gun Owners Understand Gun Laws A Lot Better Than Gun Controllers Do
14) “Universal Background Checks” Are Already The Law In Many States

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