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An Attempt to Define Pistol Size Categories

Are you confused about the different category names that are supposed to clearly identify handgun sizes? You’re not alone.

“Pistol size categories are notoriously ambiguous. What’s the difference between a micro compact and a subcompact? We don’t know, and we’re pretty sure nobody else does either,” says Chris Baker of in the video below. “A handgun’s physical dimensions—its size, shape, and weight—largely determine how well it will fit our hands and whether we’re likely to find it comfortable and concealable as a carry gun.”

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Watch the video to get a feel for the different categories:

  • full size (also called duty size)
  • compact
  • subcompact
  • micro compact
  • pocket
  • single stack
  • double stack

Self-Defense Legal Insurance Options

According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, 22 million Americans are legally licensed to publicly carry a firearm in the United States. That doesn’t include those who keep guns strictly in their homes for domestic protection, along with people who open carry or live in one of the more than two dozen states that don’t require licenses.

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Using a firearm to defend against a criminal act that could result in your death or serious bodily injury means you’ll have to deal with the legal aftermath to justify your firearm usage. That’s where purchasing a self-defense insurance program might be helpful.

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In the broad sense, “self-defense insurance” is basically a membership in an organization that will help connect you with a criminal defense attorney and help pay for legal expenses involved in a court case. As an informational service to you, we’ve compiled the list below of just such entities. Each listing includes a brief statement of the organization’s purpose taken from its website.

Video: Always Carry Pepper (OC) Spray for Non-Lethal Force Self-Defense

Always, always, always carry OC (pepper) spray.* It will help you defend yourself in situations where deadly force is not being used against you, and therefore, you cannot use deadly force to stop it. Always be prepared with OC spray as a self-defense option for non-lethal attacks.

As part of its “Daily Defense” educational videos, Brownells—the national gunsmith and firearms retail store based in Iowa—has produced two videos focusing on the use of OC spray.

Here is the introduction to the videos: “Pepper spray is a non-lethal self-defense option to use against attackers that are not enough of a threat to justify using deadly force. Before you carry pepper spray, make sure it’s legal in your state or city. And remember that it has limitations. When sprayed at the eyes, nose, and mouth (mucus membrane areas), pepper spray will reduce an attacker’s capacity but not his willingness to attack you. Some individuals may be less physically incapacitated by it than others, so be prepared for it not to be as effective as you were expecting!