Inspiring Military Mottos

Image of a USA nickel bearing the words In God We TrustSemperVerus is Latin for Stay True, taking its significance from 1 Timothy 4:16 — “Stay true to what is right….”

We encourage you to use SemperVerus as your personal motto, the definition of which is a short phrase that encapsulates the ideals guiding an individual, family, or institution. To that end, we encourage you to wear the SemperVerus wristband at all times to remind you throughout your day to Stay True.

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Having a personal motto is important to keep you directed toward your goals, remind you of your values, and help strengthen your character. A simple motto will help you jog your conscience to remember in an instant what’s really meaningful.

The United States official motto is In God We Trust, which fits so well with the SemperVerus ethos. That spurred us to create the following list of mottos used by the US Armed Forces (and a few other countries’ military units) that synchronize well with SemperVerus objectives. Consider them in light of your own personal goals.

Do What Has to Be Done — US Army Criminal Investigation Command

Follow Me — US Army Infantry School

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday — US Navy SEALs

Peace Through Strength — USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) nuclear-powered supercarrier

We Quell the Storm and Ride the Thunder — 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines

Whatever It Takes — 1st Battalion, 4th Marines

Facta Non Verba (Latin for Deeds, Not Words — Canada Joint Task Force 2

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (Latin for If You Wish for Peace, Prepare for War) — UK Royal Navy

Lerne Leiden Ohne zu Klagen! (German for Learn to Suffer Without Complaining!) — Germany Kampfschwimmer

De Oppresso Liber (Latin for To Liberate the Oppressed) — US Army Special Forces

Steadfast and Loyal — US Army 4th Infantry Division

Volens et Potens (Willing and Able) — US Army 7th Infantry Regiment

Courage and Fidelity — US Army 10th Infantry Regiment

Avauncez (French for Advance) — US Army 133rd Infantry Regiment-

Forever Forward! — US Army 197th Infantry Brigade

Always Forward! — US Army 5th Security Force Assistance Brigade Vanguard

Firmiter et Fideliter (Steadfastly and Faithfully) — US Army 377th Field Artillery Regiment

Seize the Opportunity — US Army 623rd Field Artillery Regiment

Vigilantia Aeterna (Eternal Vigilance) — US Army 4th Aviation Regiment

Ever Watchful — US Army 24th Aviation

Acute and Alert — US Army 5th Aviation Regiment

Exempla Proponere (To Set Forth Examples) — US Army 11th Aviation Battalion

We Set the Example — US Army 120th Adjutant General Battalion

We Make the Difference — US Army 11th Aviation Group

Ad Excelsum Conamur (Strive for Excellence) — US Army 12th Aviation Group

Parati Respondere (Ready to Respond) — US Army 16th Aviation Battalion

Prepared and Able — US Army 67th Adjutant General Battalion

Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful) — United States Marine Corps

Fidelity, Honor, Valor — 3rd Marine Division

Aim High — United States Air Force

Semper Paratus (Always Ready) — US Air Force 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing

Fortitudo et Preparatio (Strength and Preparedness) — US Air Force 21st Composite Wing

Intelligent Strength — US Air Force 27th Special Operations Wing

Willing, Able, Ready — US Air Force 43d Strategic Wing

Semper Paratus (Always Ready) — United States Coast Guard

Will, Courage, and Perseverance — Swedish Special Operations Group

Cekal Perkasa (Determined and Strong) — Malaysia 7th Rangers (Mechanized)

Semper Agens, Semper Quietus (Always Alert, Always Calm — Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corps

Vigilant and Ready — Republic of Singapore Air Force Air Defense and Operations Command

Ne Cede Malis (Latin for Do Not Give In to Evil) — UK Royal Navy Police

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