Leadership Qualities of the Peanuts Cartoon Characters

Read this article to learn how Charlie Brown and his companions exhibit leadership qualitiesCharlie Brown is the principal character of the comic strip Peanuts, globally syndicated in daily and Sunday newspapers. He’s commonly known as a “lovable loser,” but Michael Gips, JD, CPP, principal of Global Insights in Professional Security, writes in his article, “You’re a Good Leadership Lesson, Charlie Brown” published in Security magazine, that, when closely analyzed, the Peanuts characters can offer key leadership traits for us to emulate.

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His suggestions are:

  • Charlie Brown: kindness, optimism, and perseverance
  • Linus: listening skills, intelligence, faith, and compassion
  • Lucy: confidence, curiosity, and bias for action
  • Snoopy: imagination, creativity, and duty
  • Schroeder: servant leadership, focus, and passion.

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