The Most Important Qualities of a Leader

On his website Timeless & Timely, former Ford Motor Company executive Scott Monty has written two articles describing the essential qualities of effective leaders.

The first one names communication to be “The Most Important Job of a Leader“:

  • communicate the vision
  • communicate in person
  • communicate regularly
  • communicate with simplicity
  • actively listen
  • communicate with story
  • match your actions with your words

The second one names character as the treasure trove from which spring “The Most Important Behaviors of a Leader“:

  • emotional intelligence
  • integrity
  • honesty
  • patience
  • courage
  • reliability

A resource that dives deep into the virtues of effective leaders is the book Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success by the late-great UCLA basketball coach John Wooden in which his principles are illustrated by his Pyramid of Success.

Click to enlarge this Pyramid of Success

The interior of the pyramid consists of virtuous building blocks, which are held together by specific mortar labeled on each diagonal side: the left being “The Force of the Human Spirit” and the right being “The Strength of Human Character.”

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