FYSA: For Your Situational Awareness

The 5 life-changing success-generating components that SemperVerus stands for includes the element of being Aware: heightening your personal attentiveness to be alert to—and anticipate—dangerous potentialities and temptations, as well as edifying opportunities to take advantage of.

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When writing a message—whether texting, emailing, etc.—that’s intended to inform recipients of pertinent facts or news important to their particular surroundings or plans, you may want to use the following helpful abbreviations at the start of your content to prominently set the expectation:

Video: How to Manage a Stranger’s Approach and Maintain Self-Defense

You’re walking from your car in a parking lot or standing on a downtown sidewalk and you observe a stranger coming your way who appears determined to talk with you. Not knowing if his intentions are malicious or innocent, what should you do to protect yourself as he closes distance with you? Is he preparing to spring an attack on you? Does he have an accomplice coming up behind you?

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In the TriggerTimeTV.com video below, self-defense trainer Craig Douglas of Shivworks offers a combination of three techniques to always use to properly and safely “manage unknown contacts” who encroach into your personal space when in public.

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The three skills encompass what, how, and where:

Components of a Strong Mindset for the Legally Armed Citizen

Components of a Strong Mindset for the Armed Citizen by ConcealedCarry.comThe website ConcealedCarry.com is a rich resource of information that helps guide legally armed people in the responsible practice of carrying concealed a defensive firearm.

One example is the article, Developing and Understanding A Strong Defensive Mindset, by Jacob Paulsen, president of ConcealedCarry.com, and its accompanying “mindset” chart.

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Mindset is defined as the established set of attitudes each of us hold; the general frame of reference through which we observe life, interpret it, and make trivial and serious decisions in response to what we encounter every day.

Click the chart to enlarge it, scan the key points of it below, read the entire article at ConcealedCarry.com, and be sure to read the SemperVerus articles below.

Lessons in Situational Awareness from Columbo

The painting by Jaroslav Gebr of Peter Falk as Columbo from Season 9, Episode 1: Murder, A Self PortraitColumbo was an American crime drama television series starring Peter Falk as Lieutenant Columbo, a homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police Department. The show aired on NBC from 1971 to 1978 and on ABC from 1989 to 2003.

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In the series, Columbo is a seemingly every-day homicide detective who wears a rumpled beige raincoat and projects a casual, polite, warm, charming, respectful, humble, deferential, patient, soft-spoken, and unassuming demeanor, all of which are a disguise for extremely shrewd and intelligent situational awareness. He often leaves a room only to return with the catchphrase, “Just one more thing” to ask a critical question.

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Along with another keenly observant detective—Sherlock Holmes—Columbo embodies an innate, probing, and continuous curiosity about his surroundings. He is an excellent model for us to emulate in how to be unceasingly alert when we are in public.