Stay On Mission

Stay on mission compass illustrationStaying on mission means you remain committed to your objective—no matter what temptation, disruption, or distraction you encounter—until you accomplish what you set out to do.

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For the SemperVerus Brotherhood, staying on mission means keeping your soul strong by adhering to the 5 core components of Prepare, Aware, Be, Know, Do, resulting in the strategic element of solidifying your Self-Defense.

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Staying true to your spiritual, mental, and physical purpose is the way to disallow mission drift and mission creep. It all comes down to intentional decision-making to stay true at every step of your life journey, every moment of every day. If you don’t, you’ll veer off course before you’re even aware of it. It happens one little decision at a time, where you go astray bit-by-bit. You need to build in measures to help you avoid suffering this outcome.

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Craft your focused personal mission statement. Crystalize your mission by writing it down and reviewing it often (daily). It should guide your decision-making and desired outcomes. Include the values you prioritize in your life. Keep it narrowly on target, specific, succinct, concrete, and inspirational. Address your current skillset and what you yet want to achieve. Consider it your battle plan in spiritual warfare.

Use your mission statement to make all your decisions. It should be the filter you apply at every turning point, fork in the road, and pivotal action throughout your day—no matter how minimal or monumental—to move your personal development forward. Ask yourself if the choice facing you intensifies or dilutes your mission; moves you closer to or away from your target; makes you a better or worse person.

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Maintain proper balance. Don’t stretch yourself thin. Get your necessary amount of sleep. Don’t over-commit your time. Maintain your finances so you aren’t debt-heavy.

Keep focused on what’s important. Avoid distractions. Don’t let yourself wander down rabbit trails that suck time away from your primary goals.

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Keep your mission goals clear. Don’t let complexity bog you down. Avert confusion caused by misdirection. Be certain about your mission by keeping it simple. Avoid mission creep that subtly pulls you off course in the same way the fog of war disorients soldiers at the battle front.

Be selective. Be willing to say no to tempting—even positive—but diverting opportunities that force you from your mission’s bearing.

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Maintain your decision-making process. SemperVerus believes the Bible is the proven lodestar for every person’s successful guidance, as it has been through the centuries. Let it set the foundation and direction for every facet of your life. Let it be your compass. Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything. Consult wise counselors—choose friends as if they were your personal (spiritual) board of directors—to help you discern the proper paths to take.

Revisit and reevaluate your mission. As you succeed in achieving your personal mission statement, take time to reassess it to determine if it’s still providing you with the trajectory you want or if it requires updating to meet more advanced goals. Ask yourself if it’s still inspiring you to make the best decisions possible.

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