SemperVerus and the Way of the Wise

The Way of the Wise illustrationThe pastors of Ada Bible Church, Grand Rapids, MI—senior pastor Jeff Manion and teaching pastor Aaron Buer—delved into the Bible book of Proverbs for their multi-Sunday sermon series, The Way of the Wise. This series unpacks Proverbs and explains how it presents a path toward a wise life by challenging us to make the right small (and large) decisions every day so that we eventually end up our lives at the right destination.

Contributing to our spiritual fitness, it’s exactly the message of SemperVerus to stay true to what is right with every decision we make throughout every day. We encourage you to carve out time to watch all the sermons in the series to benefit from the wise teachings of Proverbs.

As an example, here’s the video of sermon #10 in the series, “100 Steps in the Right Direction.”

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