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Protection Book Review: Just 2 Seconds

The book, Just 2 Seconds: Using Time and Space to Defeat Assassins by Gavin de Becker, Tom Taylor, and Jeff Marquart, “examines the previously inviolate rules of protection, then subjects them to rigorous analysis. Will leave protection professionals reevaluating everything they know or thought they knew,” according to Vincent O’Neill, former Special Agent with the US Secret Service.

Gavin de Becker is the founder of Gavin de Becker & Associates (GDBA), a threat assessment and security firm that provides private, corporate, and government protection services and training courses.

While the book is 712 pages long, 570 pages consist of an extensive compendium describing thousands of successful and failed attacks, kidnappings, accidents, medical emergencies, and non-lethal incidents involving at-risk people worldwide over a period of more than 50 years, in addition to eight appendices of protection-related guidelines. Its title refers to the extreme brevity of time during which the average violent attack begins and ends.

The first 142 pages are comprised of five chapters detailing the important protective lessons learned from those events—highlighting 11 precepts that enhance personal safety—and the five essential insights for protectors. These conclusions are practical and proven standards for one’s own self-defense and the protection of others, that can be applied in church security.

The five essential insights for protectors (and individual self-defenders) are Now, Time, Mind, Space, and See. Here are a few excerpts for each one:

Active Self Protection Self-Defense Checklists and Acronyms

John Correia is the founder of Active Self Protection, teaching people to develop the attitude, skills, and plan (ASP) to defend themselves and their families from harm.

John is a nationally-recognized subject matter expert in private citizen defensive encounters and law enforcement use of force, a master firearms instructor, martial artist, court-admitted expert witness, teacher of teachers, and former pastor. He reviews thousands of violent incident videos as true-life self-defense teaching lessons on his Main and his Extra YouTube channels.

The following is a collection of some of the acronyms and checklists John has created to assist in remembering self-defense techniques and mindset.

•   Vehicles are transitional spaces where threatening incidents can easily happen. Follow this LET’SS GO checklist IN NUMERICAL ORDER to quickly remove yourself from vulnerability:


  1. L ock your doors as soon as you get into your car.
  2. E ngine on.
  3. T ransmission in gear.
  4. S seatbelt buckled.
  5. S can your surroundings.
  6. G et organized.
  7. O n your way.

Church Security: Church Crisis Response Checklist

Does your congregation know what to do in the first few hours and days after a tragedy?

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Research studied by the ministry Spiritual First Aid shows that most churches, organizations, and communities are not well prepared for mass traumas.

That’s why it has now published the complimentary evidence-based crisis response tool, Trauma-Informed Church Crisis Response: A Field Guide for the First 72 Hours. It’s an outline of the critical stages following a crisis, providing a comprehensive list of practical actions your congregation can take to support those impacted by a major event, such as a mass killing or natural disaster.

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Here are a few excerpts:

Protect Yourself from a Carjacking

Your wallet isn’t the only item criminals want to steal. Your car appeals to them too. Be prepared.

  • Read news articles about carjackings and mentally imagine what you would do in each situation
  • More than one person or a group generally commit these violent carjacking thefts.
  • Know your route. Avoid driving in unfamiliar neighborhoods.
  • Keep alert while your vehicle is moving and while it is idling
  • Carjacking most often occurs in transitional spaces such as parking lots and gas stations.

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  • Fuel your vehicle only during the day at gas stations in well traveled areas. Scan the gas station for suspicious behavior or loitering before you select a pump. While fueling, keep your car locked and keep scanning your surroundings to be prepared to take action (e.g., use the gas nozzle as a jet stream) should a vehicle or person approach you in a threatening manner.