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SemperVerus stands for “Stay True.” It means to stay true to what is right (taken from the Bible book of 1 Timothy 4:16), and it also means to stay true to properly hit the target you’re aiming at. Here are training drills to help you consistently accomplish the latter.


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  • A Directory of Medical Kit Resources

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    How prepared are you to handle a sudden medical incident as you go about your day?

    Perhaps in your everyday carry (EDC) inventory you have at your ready convenience a pen and notebook, sunglasses, a flashlight, a pocket knife, OC (pepper) spray, and even a defensive firearm to navigate the multiple minor to major situations you could possibly encounter while out and about.

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    Have you considered the idea that self-defense preparation includes being ready to “defend” yourself from injury of all sorts—small cuts to life-threatening bleed-outs?

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    At the very least, you should insert a few BAND-AIDs® into your wallet or purse for those occasions when you or a friend suffer a paper cut, pin prick, or the like. But to be prepared for the eventuality of more serious injuries, consider toting (in your pocket, around your ankle, on your belt, in your purse, in your car, etc.) an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) or Gunshot Trauma Aid Kit (GTAK) filled as minimally or extensively as your comfort level will allow. The basics (for stopping bleeding) include

    • a tourniquet
    • pressure dressing
    • Z-fold gauze and
    • a pair of chest seals.

    The following is a SemperVerus resource of links to information and products to help you assemble and use your own IFAK.

    Emergency Preparedness Resource Links

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