The Process of Becoming a First Time Gun Owner

The two crises of the COVID-19 pandemic and riots in cities across the USA have been the catalysts for nearly 5 million (a record number in one year) Americans purchasing a firearm for the first time in the first 7 months of 2020—up more than 70% over the same time span in 2019—according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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The following video is a lunch talk given by Dr. David Yamane, professor of sociology at Wake Forest University, to the National Firearms Law Seminar in Indianapolis, IN, on April 26, 2019. In this video, professor Yamane talks about his journey from being a card carrying liberal college professor to being a card carrying liberal gun owner, and the lessons he’s learned about gun culture along the way, such as

  • guns are normal and normal people use guns
  • shooting is fun and challenging
  • Gun Culture 2.0 is inclusive
  • self-defense is a universal concern

Read Dr. Yamane’s blogs,,, and And follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @gunculture2pt0.

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Articles have appeared on the internet by people surprised by their own newfound interest in exercising their Second Amendment right:

In The Atlantic, David French describes why he concealed carries a defensive weapon: “It starts with the consciousness of a threat. There are evil men in this world and sometimes they wish you harm. With the consciousness of a threat comes the awareness of a vulnerability. The police can only protect the people you love in the most limited of circumstances (with those limits growing ever-more-severe the farther you live from a city center.) You want to stand in that gap….”

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In his article, It Took a Pandemic for Me to Finally Buy a Gun…or Two, Patrick Buchanan says, “At the age of 55, I had yet to ever fire a single weapon….I never had a problem with the 2nd Amendment. The sad truth is, I never gave it much thought at all….COVID-19 provided a profound jolt to my gun ownership sensibilities….I now understand the strong feelings regarding 2nd Amendment rights….I can see why banning guns and restricting rights is not the solution.”

A new gun owner writing on Reddit says, “Now I’m suddenly questioning my previously strongly held political beliefs as I used to favor strict gun laws but now I see that as an uniformed opinion that was not based in reality….”

Another article describes how “Scott Kane, a former supporter of gun-control measures and AR-15 bans, is frustrated by the arduous process [of buying a firearm] that has denied his family a sense of security. The pandemic has made the soft-spoken software engineer an unlikely Second Amendment supporter….”

SemperVerus encourages you to take the Second Amendment seriously.

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